Massachusetts high school player's football dreams shattered

One Massachusetts high schooler is back on the field after his continued recovery in the wake of a serious car accident. The teen wasn't wearing a seatbelt when the driver lost control of the vehicle and impacted with a telephone pole. The collision left the passenger that was not wearing a seatbelt severely injured because he fractured a vertebra.

Had the fracture run any deeper the teen could have risked paralysis or even death. However, of more imminent concern for the teen? Football. He wanted to know how long he would take to recover, then as recovery appeared to be a grueling road, if he would ever be able to play again. Unfortunately, due to the high-impact nature of the sport, the Massachusetts teen's football playing days are over.

However, he was recently given the go-ahead to return to lacrosse, in which he has been excelling. After three surgeries and wearing a brace that extended from his belly button all the way up to his ears, the teen is grateful to be returning to sports.

The extensive surgery this teen required likely racked up some steep medical bills. If this teen were to pursue a personal injury claim against negligent parties, he could be entitled to compensation not only for the medical bills that he incurred but for his pain and suffering as well.

Although it is fantastic that this teen is able to return to the field, his life has been forever changed.

Source: The Boston Globe "Broken neck doesn't deter Mass. High school player," Christopher Smith, May 6, 2012