Massachusetts 3-car accident injures 2 young drivers

There are few things as aggravating as crawling through traffic after a long day at the office. Often, when we hit traffic, our first thought is one of frustration. However, while traffic now may be a small blip in the scheme of our life, traffic can also mean a car accident resulting in a life time of injuries and pain for victims. This may be the case in the wake of one Massachusetts car accident that occurred earlier this month.

The accident reportedly occurred along Route 24 during the afternoon hours of May 2. 3 vehicles were involved in the crash, and two of the drivers, ages 19 and 21, were transported to area hospitals with injuries that were fortunately not believed to be life threatening. The third driver, age 59, was not injured in the accident.

Motorists have a duty to drive with a due regard for the safety of others. On a highway, this may mean driving within the speed limits and paying attention to one's surroundings while taking care when switching lanes. Unfortunately, whether due to recklessness or distracted driving, accidents do occur from time to time.

Once Massachusetts State Police have determined the cause of the car accident and released an accident report, it may be possible for those injured in the incident to assess possible liability and hold an at-fault driver responsible. In the meantime, those injured may consider taking the time to collect the necessary documentation, such as physician's reports and the police report for the accident. With this documentation in hand, the likelihood of a successful civil claim for personal injury may be increased once all of the evidence has been reviewed and an assessment has been made about the viability of pursuing a claim for reimbursement of damages incurred.

Source: Herald News, "3-vehicle crash on Route 24 sends 2 to area hospitals," Derek Vital, May 2, 2012