Head-on automobile accident hospitalizes 3 teenagers

Three Massachusetts teenagers have sustained serious injuries after a head-on collision that occured this month. The three-vehicle automobile accident occurred after a 16-year-old boy was driving north when he crossed the center line and struck a southbound automobile containing two girls, aged 17 and 18. A third vehicle, driven by the brother of the 16-year-old was also involved in the collision, though the 18-year-old driver was not injured.

The exact circumstances of the accident are unclear, other than the actions of the boy in crossing the center line and colliding with the girls' automobile. The two vehicles involved in the head-on aspect of the crash were so damaged, though, that the passengers had to be cut out of their vehicles and taken to area hospitals. The boy and one of the girls were taken in critical and serious conditions, respectively, by helicopter while the other girl was taken by ambulance to another hospital.

Once he recovers, the 16-year-old driver that seemingly initiated the automobile accident may find himself facing legal responsibility for the accident and any potentially serious and life-changing injuries sustained by either girl from the other vehicle. This may be especially troublesome should investigations into the accident reveal the boy was driving under the influence, distracted by texting, or impacted by another offense -- though none of those possibilities have as yet been identified. Teenage drivers in Massachusetts and across the country are especially susceptible to these types of accidents due to less driving experience, though as licensed drivers owing a duty of reasonable care to others in the roadway, they are still responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Source: The MetroWest Daily News, "Teens seriously injured in Medway crash," Jessica Trufant, May 12, 2012