Massachusetts van collision injures 2

Two Massachusetts residents were transported to the hospital on May 16, after a minor car crash involving a Nissan Maxima and a van transporting children outside of a daycare facility. The automobile accident occurred after the vehicles apparently collided head on, which led to the driver and passenger of the Nissan to sustain injuries. There were no reported injuries for the driver, or any children in the van.

It is not said whether the Nissan or the van was at fault for this accident, as the details for how the accident came about are unclear. Also, the severity of injuries sustained by the driver and passenger of the Nissan were not immediately disclosed. However, it is often in the case of these types of accidents that should one party be injured at the fault of the other, the injured party may be able to seek some form of compensation to reimburse them for damages, including pain and suffering endured due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Though this Massachusetts automobile accident is not yet conclusive in terms of the facts of the situation, similar accidents under similar conditions do occur. While none of the children on board the van seem to have been injured in the collision, this is not always the case. Drivers of vehicles that transport children, whether school buses or day care vans, are often expected to exercise extra care when navigating the roadways, as they have been entrusted with the safety of those on board. Automobile accidents involving these drivers may not only lead to a victim seeking compensation, but may damage the reputation of the driver and the bus company among parents of their passengers as well.