Public works employees pinned by machine at water treatment plant

In any job, Massachusetts workers trust that their employers are maintaining a safe work environment in which they won't be injured. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. On-the-job injuries can occur, leading to possible workers' compensation claims for the employees. In one recent case, two workers at a water treatment plant in a town near Boston, Massachusetts, were trapped after an accident involving machinery in the plant.

After hearing yelling from the workers, pedestrians walking at a public pond near the water treatment plant called 911 to alert police that something was wrong. The two Department of Public Works employees were found trapped under a machine that was pinning them. Once they were freed, one of the workers was able to walk away with little to no injury and the other was taken to the hospital with a foot injury.

Though it isn't said what may have caused this particular accident, there are several possibilities in on-the-job accidents of this type. It might be that the machinery was improperly secured, causing it to move and pin the workers. This could point to insufficient inspection of the plant that would reveal structural problems in machinery, or a failure to properly install the machinery.

Regardless, when employees are injured on the job in Massachusetts, they have certain rights. One of those rights is workers' compensation, when it applies. In this instance, the injured worker will likely be covered by those benefits to apply toward medical costs and other expenses, including income he loses from work while recuperating.

Source: Woburn Patch, "DPW Worker Injured at Water Treatment Plant," Danielle Masterson, July 13, 2012