Did a medical condition cause a recent Massachusetts car crash?

Three Massachusetts residents have been hospitalized with minor to serious injuries following a multiple-vehicle accident ealier this month. The car accident resulted in serious damage to the vehicles, and none of the injuries caused by the accident were initially characterized as life-threatening. It isn't said when those injured will be released from the hospital, nor were the specific nature of the injuries detailed.

The car accident occurred when an automobile was passing under a railroad bridge and apparently crossed the center line. It then collided with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, and then collided with a third before grinding to a stop. Some witnesses say that the driver of the automobile that crossed the center line appeared to have been experiencing a medical condition just before the collision.

It was not disclosed if there were passengers in any of the vehicles, though reports suggested that those injured should make a full recovery. The full extent of any damage to the vehicles involved in the collision was not revealed.

As Massachusetts authorities investigate this car accident, inquiries will likely center on the actions of the driver who crossed the center line. Reports that a medical condition may have led to that act will need to be verified. If the 57-year-old man was incapacitated due to a medical emergency, police will want to know the nature of the problem and to what extent the driver was previously aware of the condition.

While some accidents are unavoidable, if an individual suffering from a serious medical condition knew about the problem and had been advised not to drive, liability issues may arise. As the parties recover from their injuries, they may wish to review the accident report to assess their rights and responsibilities under Massachusetts personal injury and traffic laws.

Source: The Westborough Daily Voice, "Three-Car Crash Stops Traffic On Westborough's East Main Street," John Swinconeck, July 2, 2012