Bus hits truck involved in movie production; at least 11 injured

Massachusetts residents may share the excitement of the filming of Sandra Bullock's latest film in Roxbury. Amid this recent excitement, though, 11 individuals have been hospitalized after an accident involving a bus and a truck associated with the film. None of the injuries suffered in the truck accident is suspected to be life threatening, but several victims may have suffered neck injuries.

The accident happened in the morning hours when an MBTA bus collided with the tractor-trailer being used by production for the film. The tractor-trailer was parked at the time of the accident, suggesting the bus driver may be at least partially responsible for colliding with the motionless vehicle. On the other hand, the specific location where the movie truck was parked may also be a focal point of any police investigation into the causes for the crash. It was not clear if any of the passengers or onlookers saw the accident occur.

Around 20 passengers were on board the bus at the time of the collision. At least five passengers laing on the sidewalk outside the bus following the accident were fitted with neck braces before being taken to area hospitals. At least six other bus passengers were taken to area hospitals with undisclosed injuries. A production crew member in the movie truck appeared unhurt but was sent to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The MTBA transit police were still investigating the accident and it is as yet unclear what parties may be found at fault for the collision. Drivers of public transportation across Massachusetts have a responsibility to ensure that their passengers reach their destination safely and unharmed. When this doesn't happen by reason of the negligence of a driver, victims suffering serious personal injury may be entitled to pursue damage claims in Massachusetts courts.

Source: Boston.com, "MBTA bus collides with movie truck in Roxbury," Brian R. Ballou and Joanne Rathe, July 9, 2012