Massachusetts Police seek third vehicle in deadly car accident

One of the more dangerous types of car accidents that can happen occurs when people are turning and joining a major thoroughfare of traffic. Authorities are now conducting a serious investigation in Massachusetts into one such car accident that involved at least two cars and one truck. Police are looking for a third car that was involved in the car accident that killed one woman and left her daughter in the hospital.

The woman who died was driving when her car was engaged in a head-on collision with a truck. The accident took place on route 140 in Westminster. At least one witness reported seeing an additional car at the site of the accident. It is reported that the car was entering traffic form a side street and drove into the travel lane of the slain woman's car.

According to witnesses, the driver who was killed appeared to have tried to avoid the other car, and as a result swerved into an oncoming pickup truck. It is not immediately clear why the second car left the scene of the tragic accident. Police are seeking information about the driver of the second car and any other information about the accident.

Both the driver of the pickup truck and his son, who was also present, was unhurt in the car accident. Both were taken to the Henry Heywood Hospital in Massachusetts and released. The daughter of the women who was killed in the car accident remains hospitalized. Undoubtedly, the family of that woman will suffer significant financial damages connected to this accident in the form of funeral and medical expenses. Some families who find themselves in this situation decide to file wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits in an effort to gain restitution for such expenses in the event that another person's negligence caused or contributed to the accident.

Source:, "Police seek third vehicle in deadly Westminster crash," Evan Allen, 12/16/12