Car accident kills woman, injures Massachusetts trooper

A horrific accident well to the northeast of Taunton has resulted in injuries and death. According to reports, the accident occurred when a vehicle driven by a 52-year-old Massachusetts woman crossed the center line into oncoming traffic near Gloucester. One Witness reported the driver was driving erratically sometime earlier, before the deadly car accident.

An off-duty state trooper was driving the second vehicle. A female passenger was also in that vehicle. According to witness reports, upon noticing the pickup truck driving erratically, the trooper attempted to avoid a collision, but was unsuccessful. The collision left both the trooper and his passenger injured. The woman was rushed to a hospital, but was declared dead there.

The woman driving the pickup truck is now facing criminal charges for her actions behind the wheel. She has been charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle, a marked lane violation and officials say other charges could be leveled. The investigation is still ongoing and the district attorney is working closely with officials to determine further courses of action.

For the family of the woman killed, the criminal charges may not be enough. They may choose to rely upon Massachusetts personal injury laws in order to pursue claims for monetary damages relating to the tragic death of their loved one. In addition, the trooper who was injured in this car accident could also pursue a personal injury claim against the driver for any expenses he has incurred due to the accident. To prevail in a civil proceeding, proof must be offered that the woman was negligent in a manner that caused or contributed to the death and injuries that resulted.

Source: Gloucester Times, "Woman dies after Essex Avenue crash," Richard Gaines, Dec. 17, 2012