Route 24 brings high car crash risk to the Taunton area

Taunton drivers are likely familiar with Route 24, a north-south highway that runs nearby. This roadway has been considered dangerous by many for some time, but recently it seems that the car crash record has been skyrocketing. These statistics are causing more drivers to worry, bringing attention to the dangers of this roadway and to exploring methods of increasing safety for the drivers.

In the last 12 months alone, there have been 11 deaths in automobile accidents on this road. This is nearly as many deaths as seen on this road from 2006 to 2009 combined. In terms of overall crashes, there was an average of two crashes per day during that same time period. In 2009, 221 people were injured in a total of 629 crashes. This is the latest year that full crash records are available for this roadway.

Much of the danger on Route 24 is blamed on poor roadway design. Insufficient interchange space, as well as tendencies toward high-speed by drivers on this road make it hard for drivers to even come off and on the roadway. Of the 100 accidents that occurred in Taunton stretch of the highway in 2009, 31 occurred on an off ramp interchange.

In July, there were three deaths in accidents on this roadway in a period of only a few weeks. While Route 24 is dangerous, it seems that designating the roadway as an Interstate would help by providing federal funding to fix it, but the state doesn't have the funds available to bring the roads to an Interstate level. In the meantime, Taunton residents injured in a car crash on this road should keep in mind their rights, and understand when they may be entitled to seek compensation from such an accident.

Source: Taunton Gazette, "Latest crash stats from Route 24 cement its dangerous reputation," Justin Graeber, July 29, 2012